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Digital communication channels 10/100G +

Fiber optic network and dark fiber lease

The customer can rent a communication channel or dark fiber from his premises or object to any location in these regions. The services are provided on the basis of our own fiber optic network, which is among the largest city-based optic networks in Europe. The capacity of our fiber optic trunk lines equals 264 fibers, the average network availability in Moscow is 350 meters. All data centers and 70 % of office buildings are connected to our network.

Our company performs the maintenance of all trails without involving contractors. The continuous failure-free operation of customer’s services is ensured by a 24/7 emergency repair teams.

The service is supplied directly to the server room at the customer sites. We take on the obligation to get all necessary approvals.

When connecting office buildings the owner is entitled to connect any provider to the building, while retaining control over their activities. The possibility to rent the dark fiber makes the building significantly more attractive to the tenants. Features

    • Possibility to rent or buy a network section
    • Free connection to the network for the owners of the office centers
    • Low rent or maintenance costs (in comparison with laying one’s own network)
    • High security and reliability of the channels, fully redundant network trunk sections
    • High bandwidth with spare capacity in case of customer growing needs
    • Agreements and technological links to world’s leading providers, enabling us to lease channels anywhere in the world