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Server Housing (Colocation)

Premium Data Centers

We have created ideal conditions to house the server hardware: spacious server cabinets with convenient cable organizers, powerful redundant cooling system and failure-free power supply up to 11 kW per cabinet, which ensures stable operation of the servers and contributes to a significant extension of their service life.

Colocation with Private Business Communication Company is a guarantee of 24/7 round the clock service ensured by high-speed communication channels, connected to multiple providers on the basis of an autonomous system with an independent addressing range. The administration is effected via a user-friendly remote KVM-access, as well as with the assistance of our trained professionals.

The data center is located right in the center of Moscow, close to the metro. The equipment is protected by a multi-level security, including a biometric access control system, 24-hour video surveillance and security desk, and independent fire extinguishing system.

We practice individual approach to every client and offer excellent prices for colocation.

  • Convenient location in the center of Moscow, close to several metro stations.
  • Spacious cabinets with trays
  • Up to 11 kW per cabinet stable supply from several inputs
  • Powerful redundant cooling system
  • Guaranteed failure-free connection to the Internet
  • Unlimited KVM-access
  • 24-hour security desk, biometric access control, video surveillance, gaseous fire suppression
  • Personal IT specialist