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Customized Phone Numbers

BiTell - more than just communication

We offer you a choice of vanity and easy-to-remember phone numbers.

When connecting the phone numbers you can choose special customized vanity numbers. These numbers may contain repeated digits, logical rows in ascending or descending order, they may rhyme with the advertising slogan, repeat your name or your company name, or have other features distinguishing them from the ordinary numbers.

We offer vanity phone numbers that are the same in both code 495 and 499. These numbers are provided by the BiTell service.

BiTell service allows choosing, reserving and purchasing premium customized phone numbers to address business challenges of any scale. Given a large variety of numbers, you can choose the right phone number for advertising on television, radio, billboards, the Internet, or for your company's prestige. We have solutions for any budget.

Our advantages:

  • Strong competitive advantage
  • Strengthened branding and awareness, increased customers’ confidence
  • Provision of toll free numbers in the code 8-800
  • A wide variety of vanity phone numbers for any budget
  • Availability of multi-channel vanity phone numbers
  • Option allowing to keep the phone number in case of office relocation