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Virtual Servers (VPS/VDS)

Virtual servers hosting

Should you require your own server, we recommend you renting virtual servers (VPS/VDS). Having similar characteristics, they are less expensive than the dedicated servers, the changes to server configuration takes only a few minutes, and there are no problems with hardware.

VPS (virtual private server) is powered by the software emulation of a physical server, providing several subsystems with guaranteed capacity of computing resources on the basis of one system. We can also offer renting a VDS server with hardware emulation. In this case maximal virtualization and flexibility are ensured, up to providing the virtual machines with emulated graphics cards, network adapters, etc.

Renting a VPS allows you meeting the challenges of increasing disk space or memory, making rapid changes in the server configuration, installing any type of software. Renting a VDS server is preferable in case of strict requirements regarding the resource level, maximal flexibility and independence of virtual subsystems.

Virtual server hosting is reliable and convenient. We ensure stable and failure-free operation of all virtual servers through the use of virtualization cluster. Our communication channels are connected through multiple providers and have their own independent addressing range. The installation and setting of the VDS and VPS virtual dedicated servers are easy to control, and we offer a convenient and informative management console.

  • Apache virtual servers
  • Bitrix virtual servers
  • Denwer VPS virtual servers
Our advantages:

  • Less expensive than the private servers
  • Flexible configuration
  • Guaranteed failure-free server operation driven by clustering the virtualization environment
  • Guaranteed failure-free Internet connection through communication channels reservation
  • User-friendly management console
  • Personal IT specialist